Fundraising Ideas


This list has some ideas for you to use in your chapter as you raise funds to participate in FCCLA activities, conduct community service, or even start a local scholarship fund! If you have other ideas to add to the list, send an email to Ann Day, and put "Fundraising Idea" in the topic. As this page is updated, new ideas will be listed on top.



Fundraising Ideas:


Prom dress sale

A good time is about 4-6 weeks before your spring and/or Winter formals.
Each person who wants to sell a gently used prom (or bridesmaid) dress, brings the dress to the school at an appointed time. (like a Friday evening). Dresses must be dry cleaned, on a hanger, and in a dry cleaner bag. Their dress is numbered, tagged, hung by size/color/style, and their information recorded in a ledger or computer spreadsheet. The seller determines the asking price, and provides all the tag info. (size/length/fabric/ seller info) An amazing number of people (especially seniors) will bring in multiple dresses--be prepared! On the sale day (Saturday), people come to purchase a "new" gently used prom dress. In addition to your school, promote the event to other area schools, private schools, and in public places (you would be surprised how many grandmothers/granddaughters, aunts/nieces show up.)

Have standing mirrors if possible (perhaps on loan from a merchant) and curtained try on areas (supervised of course, and make sure the floor is super clean!) As your event "grows" you may even need crowd control--letting in only so many shoppers at a time. Participants purchase a dress, and your organization gets either (1) a flat fee for each dress or 2) a percentage of the sale (determine this up front). At the end of the sale, (like Saturday evening) people selling dresses return to get their money or take the dress back. They also have the option of donating the dress to charity when they leave it with you. (which is what you do with anything left at the end of the sale). No investment except promotion and some tags. Your kids provide the labor for the event. It is a high interest activity. It might take awhile to catch on in the community, but has been a very successful tradition for some groups.

Dating game

At Valentine's Day our SADD students orchestrate a Dating Game.  It is a lot of work but a lot of fun for the students.  We contact restaurants and ask them to donate two separate $10 gift certificates for dinners.  We have students sign up to be contestants.  Usually freshmen with freshmen etc.  One is the person who does the choosing three others are the contestants.  Usually we have a teacher round with single teachers.  The runners up get pizzas and video coupons.  Tickets are sold for .50 each and it takes place during our seminar time.

-Carol Titran

Friday night in the commons

One of the fund raisers at my son’s school does is quite successful, it’s called Friday Night in the Commons—Several bands give the sponsoring teachers a video/dvd of the band. About four bands are selected and are asked to play on a Friday night in the fall, and spring. (I figured that Friday was a good night since there is so little for teens to do, and yet they are finished by 10:30 pm). The event is held in the cafeteria and students sit around the cafeteria tables to listen. They can play cards if they wish, as well. Pizzas and pop are brought in, and sold for a small fee. Each band performs for about ½ hour to 45 minutes- they charge the kids $5. The students present on the evening that I watched my son perform were attentive and respectful, there was no dancing just listening – coffee house style. The chaperone told me it was a good money maker for the class, esp. if the bands are good and not all playing the same type of music.

-Marie Browski

Chocolate covered treats

I make a lot of money by dipping pretzels, Oreos and marshmallows in chocolate and then selling them in school.  We donate the money to charity and they are not healthy treats but we sure do make a lot of money!!!   
-Janice Sikorski


A Home Interiors candle sale

You need to find a local Home Interiors representative, get brochures, the students sell candles and air fresheners, and the organization receives 50% of the item sale price.

-Deb Armock, Mason High School

Kiss a senior good bye

(Our officers got this idea at the FCCLA Fall Leadership Workshop) We sold postcard size cards for $.50 with a Hershey Kiss attached (purchaser writes a farewell message) and delivered them on the seniors' last day.  There was also a $3.00 option for a bag of kisses and helium balloon.

-Deb Armock, Mason High School

Spring spring week

Our school hosts an inaugural "Spring Spring Week", much like Fall Homecoming and Winterfest.  We will be hosting an outdoor courtyard dance, selling T-shirts, and celebrating spring sports and all extra-curricular clubs all week. 

-Deb Armock, Mason High School


More fundraising ideas from past Fall Leadership Conferences:


  • Go door to door, offer to rake, shovel snow, plant flowers, etc.
  • "Band - o - Rama"
  • Doggie beauty pageant
  • Before a school dance, host a beauty salon (do hair, nails, makeup, etc.)
  • Sell donated formal dresses
  • Used book / cd / video game sale
  • Carve pumpkins
  • Fashion Show
  • Bottle drive
  • Trick-or-Treating for cans
  • Lasagna or Spaghetti dinner
  • Haunted Forest
  • Texas Hold-em Tournament
  • Euchre Tournament
  • Dodgeball/Baseball/Basketball tournament (students against teachers, school vs. law enforcement, etc.)
  • Sell handmade fleece blankets
  • High School Idol (like American Idol)
  • Mr/Mrs. High School Competition
  • Talent Show
  • Lock In
  • "Whose Line Is It Anyway" competition at school
  • Couch Potato...Set couch at 50 yard line and raffle "VIP Seats" off
  • Principal for a day
  • Parent/student baseball game
  • Car Wash
  • Present a Play
  • Raffle
  • Cook-Off
  • Sports Tournaments
  • DATA Match
  • Apple Pie Sales
  • Poinsettia Sales
  • Sub Sales
  • Pretzel Sales
  • Holiday Card Sales
  • Tom-Wat Fundraiser