Starting an FCCLA Chapter



Starting an FCCLA chapter can seem like an overwhelming task, but you'll find it's more than rewarding to watch the change in your students. FCCLA chapters provide the platform for your students to put your classroom teaching into practice, while developing strong leadership skills, stretching themselves and making a difference in their families, schools, and communities.

Without dedicated classroom teachers like you, students would not have the opportunity to experience Ultimate Leadership through FCCLA. Thank you for looking in to the opportunity.

What programs can start FCCLA chapters?

The Michigan Department of Education sponsors six Career and Technical Student Organizations (CTSOs), including FCCLA. Each CTSO is designed to meet the needs of certain Career and Technical Education Programs. Each CTE program's CIP code indicates which CTSO the program may participate in. FCCLA chapters can exist in the following CTE Programs:

  • 13.0000 Education General (Teacher Cadet)
  • 19.0000 Family & Consumer Science
  • 19.0700 Child & Custodial Care Services (Early Childhood Ed.)
  • 19.0906 Fashion Design
  • Interior Design

What do I do first?

We have several brochures available that will help to use when talking to your Administration. We have a general informational brochure about Michigan FCCLA and also a brochure for teacher cadet and childhood education training programs.


Who can I talk to?

The best place to start is to call the Michigan FCCLA office at 734-487-8657. We will walk you through the process and send out a new chapter packet.



How Much Does it Cost?

Yearly membership dues are a total of $19.00 per person if affiliated by December 1st. This covers both state and national dues. You affiliate online at the National FCCLA Membership Portal. There is NO chapter fee.


What then?

Michigan FCCLA will assign you an experienced adviser to serve as a mentor. These master advisers can help you integrate our programs into your classroom, choose which programs will fit best, and help you to get off the ground. If you'd like, you can also schedule a presentation in your classroom to help get your students excited.


Is there any training for New Advisers?

Of course! All new advisers are encouraged to attend the New Adviser In-service at Eastern Michigan University, held annually in October. Details can be found on the website here. Don't worry if you're reading this after the In-service has passed - we can work with you to make sure you're up to speed.



As a parent, how do I get my child involved in FCCLA?

Middle school and high school students must be a part of a FCCLA chapter through their school. If their school doesn't have a chapter, help them get a chapter started!







Adviser Resources



Adviser Handouts
Why Join FCCLA?
The Value Added by CTSOs
Adviser Benefits
Sample Letter to Parents about Joining FCCLA

FCCLA Program Ideas and Tips

Program and Project Ideas Booklet

STAR Event Tips

PowerPoint - Integrating FCCLA into your Curriculum



Power of One

Basic Introduction

Project Sheet

Student Application

A Better You Section - Sample

Family Ties Section - Sample

Speak out for FCCLA Section - Sample

Take the Lead Section - Sample

Working on Working Section - Sample



PowerPoint Presentations from James DeGrief, Adviser at Pickford Schools

Planning Process

Power of One