Membership Recognition Programs



Gimme 5! Membership Award

Michigan FCCLA is encouraging each chapter to increase their membership by at least five members. Each chapter that increases their membership by five members will receive a special plaque for display in their classroom.

  • Plaque for classroom display awarded at the State Leadership Conference
  • Recognition on


There aren’t any forms to fill out, no questions to answer... nothing special to do. All we want you to do is recruit 5 new members for your FCCLA chapter. If your chapter has 5 more members than last year, you’ll be recognized. If you’re a new chapter... simply recruit 5 more than the minimum - just 17 members! It’s that simple.

You have until February 1... Good Luck!




Go for the Red Membership Campaign

FCCLA’s membership campaign has been renamed “Go for the Red”.

Members will have the opportunity to showcase their recruiting skills on the individual, chapter, and state levels. The incentives offered this year are incredible and give some great opportunities for friendly competition.


For more information about the membership campaign, visit: