Membership Recognition Programs



Gimme 5! Membership Award

Michigan FCCLA is encouraging each chapter to increase their membership by at least five members. Each chapter that increases their membership by five members will receive a special plaque for display in their classroom.

  • Plaque for classroom display awarded at the State Leadership Conference
  • Recognition on


If your chapter has 5 more members than last year, you’ll be recognized automatically!


If you’re a new chapter, or had less than the 12 minimum number of members last year, then you will need to reach 17 members this year.


All submitted and PAID chapter members on November 30th will count towards the award.




100% Membership

The foundation of a strong local chapter is for all CTE program students to be granted the opportunity to become FCCLA members. An active chapter recognizes that all members can benefit at local activities. For this reason, chapters with 100% membership plan a program of local activities so all FCS students can become FCCLA members, students learn to develop their leadership, civic, social, and career and technical skills at the local chapter level.


100% Membership Chapters who affiliate every member of their CTE program may apply for this recognition. Due by February 1st.




Go for the Red

Michigan FCCLA will recognize members and chapters who submit an application for the National FCCLA Go For the Red Campaign.
The application opens on October 1, 2023.

Applications must be submitted by February 1st to be eligible for recognition at the Michigan FCCLA State Leadership Conference


Member recognition: Any member who recruits 3 or more members and submits an application to National FCCLA by February 1st will be recognized.

Chapter recognition: Chapters that increase their members by 10 (bronze), 15 (silver), or 20 (gold) members from the previous year can apply for the chapter award.


For more information, please visit



Michigan FCCLA's Chapter of the Month and Member of the Month

The Michigan FCCLA State Executive Council is looking to give our Michigan chapters recognition. We know all the hard work that chapters do, and we want to make sure that you have a chance to show off your leadership skills and be recognized for it.

The State Executive Council will review the submitted applications and determine the winner of the Chapter of the Month and Member of the Month awards.


Chapter of the Month submissions will be evaluated on the following:

  • Your reasons why you believe your Chapter deserves the award
  • The impacts your chapter has made on your school and or community
  • If your chapter has promoted FCCLA in anyway, and if so, how?

Member of the Month submissions will be evaluated on the following:

  • Your reasons why you (or someone else) deserves the award
  • The impacts you/they have made on their school and or community
  • If you/they have promoted FCCLA in any way, and if, so how?


All applications are due by the first day of the following month from September to February:

  • September - due October 1st
  • October - due November 1st
  • November - due December 1st
  • December - due January 1st
  • January - due February 1st
  • February - due March 1st


If your chapter is named Chapter of the Month, you will not able to submit during a different month.
If one of your chapter members wins Member of the Month, they are not allowed to be submitted again during a different month.