Membership Guidelines



  1. Membership Dues are $19.00 per member if affiliated online by November 30th. Cost breakdown is $9.00 for national dues, and $10.00 for state dues. The state dues include accident insurance for each member. Each student must pay both the state and national dues.

  2. On December 1st, the membership dues increase to $29.00 per member. Cost breakdown is $9.00 for national dues, and $20.00 for state dues.

  3. Each school will affiliate online https://affiliation.registermychapter.com/fccla# through the FCCLA Portal.

  4. Dues must be received by National FCCLA by February 1st for the chapter to be eligible for the Michigan Gimme 5! Award program.

  5. Dues must be received by National FCCLA by March 1st for students to participate in the State Leadership Conference, all STAR Events, and the Power of One program.

  6. All chapters must have paid affiliations for one (1) adviser and twelve (12) student members, for both state and national dues.

  7. National FCCLA will provide printable membership cards through the FCCLA Affiliation System.

  8. An invoice will be generated after members are affiliated through the FCCLA Affiliation System. This invoice should be remitted for payment to your school bookkeeper or accounts payable department.

  9. State and National membership fees are non-transferable and non-refundable.

  10. Each chapter is responsible for the payment of membership fees for every student registered for the Michigan State Leadership Conference, National Fall Conference, National Leadership Conference, or Capitol Leadership Meeting, even if the student does not attend the conference, or leaves your class or program entirely.




National FCCLA Online Membership Affiliation


FCCLA Affiliation System


Please take some time before affiliating to review the Membership Affiliation Getting Started Guide for instructions through the initial steps of the process.
After you have affiliated and are an official FCCLA chapter adviser, you can reference the Chapter Adviser Affiliation Guide to guide you through the process of affiliating your chapter members, updating information, and viewing/paying invoices. Additionally, check out the Member Affiliation Information Sheet as a resource to collect member data on all your students.


Affiliation System First Time Login:

If you are affiliating new chapter you will need to enter your chapter into the new system and provide adviser and chapter information to establish your chapter in the new affiliation system - please click on the "First Time Chapter Affiliation" button. Once you have completed this process, we will approve you as a chapter, then a username and password will be emailed to you for future use in the Affiliation System.