Membership Guidelines


  1. Several membership options are available:
    • $ 19 per member at the Traditional rate, if affiliated online by November 30th. On December 1st, the Traditional membership price increases to $29.00 per
      member. All chapters must have paid affiliations for at least one (1) adviser and twelve (12) student members at the Traditional rate. If your chapter has
      opted for the Traditional rate, and have any new students in your second semester/ trimester, we offer a rebate for the increased membership rate. Contact the state office for more details and the application form.
    • $ 1200 for the Unlimited Membership Package rate
    • $ 600 for the Up to 25 Member Package rate
    • $ 450 for the Middle Level Unlimited Package rate for students grade 9 and

  2. Each school will affiliate online through the FCCLA Portal.

  3. Membership must be submitted in the online portal by November 30th for the chapter to be eligible for the Michigan Gimme 5! Award program.

  4. NEW FOR 2023-2024: All conference participants must be submitted members of FCCLA.

  5. Invoices may be obtained after submitting your membership and clicking on the Invoice tab of the membership portal.

  6. Once membership has been submitted, the chapter is responsible for payment for the number of members submitted (the amount due on the roster).

  7. Per National FCCLA Board Policy, any changes to invoices (including duplicated members or mistakes) must be submitted within 30 days of the invoice creation
    date. After 30 days, no changes are allowed, and must be paid in full.

  8. Once submitted, State and National membership fees are non-transferable and non-refundable.

  9. If an individual registered for membership drops out of your class after their membership has been submitted, the chapter is still responsible to pay the membership rate due on the invoice.




National FCCLA Online Membership Affiliation


FCCLA Affiliation System


Please take some time before affiliating to review the Adviser Handbook.
After you have affiliated and are an official FCCLA chapter adviser, you can reference the Chapter Adviser Affiliation Guide to guide you through the process of affiliating your chapter members, updating information, and viewing/paying invoices. Additionally, check out the Member Affiliation Information Sheet as a resource to collect member data on all your students.


Affiliation System First Time Login:

If you are affiliating new chapter you will need to enter your chapter into the new system and provide adviser and chapter information to establish your chapter in the new affiliation system - please click on the "First Time Chapter Affiliation" button. Once you have completed this process, we will approve you as a chapter, then a username and password will be emailed to you for future use in the Affiliation System.