Recruiting New Members



As each new year begins, FCCLA members are met with a challenge that will put their skills to the test, increasing membership in their chapter. Accomplishing this task, if done with creativity, can become one of the most unique and memorable events of the year. The following are some tips to getting the best results for your chapter membership campaign. By working to incorporate these ideas, you will be helping Michigan reach its goal of membership growth, and providing great opportunities for more students at your school to benefit from FCCLA's programs.

Tip #1: Get the Word Out

Often, FCCLA chapters are limited in growth because the only students who know about FCCLA are the ones already a part of it. Even potential FCCLA members who are already enrolled in a family & consumer science class may not know they have the opportunity to join FCCLA. To combat this, FCCLA chapters can create brochures explaining what FCCLA is to send out to everyone enrolled in a family & consumer science class. By making sure everyone knows about the opportunity to join FCCLA your membership rates will grow.

Tip #2: Rock Your School

One way to recruit members is to have a series of events one week to promote your chapter. Some ideas are 3-on-3 basketball games, pep assemblies, or a flag football game. Many chapters have found success putting new twists on old fundraisers. For example, instead of holding a talent contest, get more people involved with a lip-sync contest. This can be modified even more by requiring that all the songs be from the 70's and giving points based on choreography and costumes. Events like these events can quickly become a chapter tradition, and promote FCCLA to the entire school.

Tip #3: Aim for the Future

One way to gain membership is to talk to Middle School students in your area about joining FCCLA. Many students just entering High School are looking for activities to meet new people. By approaching students before they begin High School you can keep your membership levels high.