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National Deadline is March 1st

Your chapter adviser's deadline may be earlier, please check with them.



Power of One helps you find and use your personal POWER. You create a project just for you. You set goals for yourself, then achieve them. And you see results! You’ll have new experiences, learn about yourself, and feel pride in reaching a goal. Plus, you can earn recognition from your local chapter, Michigan, and National FCCLA. The skills you learn in Power of One will help you now and in the future in school, with friends and family, and on the job.



  • The Five Unit Recognition Form must be turned in to your chapter adviser by the due date they set.




  • Chapter advisers must submit student names for state and national recognition online through the FCCLA Membership Portal before March 1.



Note: All Power of One Participants must be paid members of FCCLA by March 1. Dues must be received by the National Office by that date, not postmarked.



Chapter Power of One Five Unit Recognition Form



Power of One offers an opportunity to:

  • Examine issues in depth
  • Work alone and at your own pace
  • Tackle personal projects
  • Explore a special interest
  • Receive recognition for your efforts
  • Learn to set goals and make decisions
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Expand on knowledge and skills learned in family and consumer sciences coursework

Power of One Project Ideas

click on each title to download ideas!



    • Focus on job-specific skills you could use to start a simple business. (Later, you might turn this into a Career Connection or Entrepreneurship STAR Events project by actually creating, promoting, and managing a business.)

    • Create and track a personal budget via computer.

    • Set a goal to lose weight or make healthier choices

    • Set a goal to improve your grades



    • Install and train parents to use a computer-based financial program.

    • Improve relationships with one or both parents by spending one day a week with them engaging in new and interesting activities.

    • Read to a sibling or step-sibling on a regular basis.



    • Explore your family’s work history by interviewing relatives about their jobs.

    • Complete an interest inventory for your future career and use various Web sites to help complete it.



    • Reach out to someone who is ill or lonely and encourage other friends to do the same.

    • Run for FCCLA chapter or state office.



    • Educate other students in your school about STAR Events and FCCLA.

    • Organize a Family Night for all FCCLA members and their families to learn communication skills through fun activities, games, pizza and dinner.

    • Talk to a local reporter about your FCCLA activities.



Student Power of One Application


Basic Overview of the Power of One Program



Power of One Project Planning Worksheet




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