Running for State Executive Council


The State Executive Council is the highest individual leadership opportunity offered by Michigan FCCLA. The State Executive Council serves as the youth face of the organization and facilitates programming at all state events. They also receive special training opportunities and represent the organization to sponsors, partners and government.

We are always looking for dedicated, passionate students to fulfill this prestigious opportunity. If you have a student who you think would be qualified for office, we highly encourage you to support their candidacy. Having a State Officer is an excellent way to boost your chapter’s progress and morale, and stay more closely connected to state programming. It is a tremendous honor for the student, the chapter and the school district.

Following submission of the application, interested students will sit for a virtual interview. Upon completion of the application, interview, and a review by the state office, they will become eligible candidates.


  • Candidates must attend the State Leadership Conference to be considered.
  • Attendance at the Fall Leadership Conference is highly recommended.

Here are three things interested candidates can do before the application comes out to prepare to run for office:


  1. Make sure you’re following all of Michigan FCCLA and National FCCLA’s social media to stay informed about what’s happening in our state and across the country.
  2. Go on National FCCLA’s website and read about FCCLA’s fundraising partners and national programs to learn more about the background of the organization.
  3. Engage with Michigan FCCLA’s social media posts and programs throughout the year, like member/chapter of the month submissions to become an active and connected member of the Michigan FCCLA community.



How to Run for State Office



Candidate Handbook



Candidate Interest Form - Deadline February 15, 2024



Candidate Signature Packet


Any questions can be directed to Mr. Richardson at Students may also email a current State Officer to learn more about the experience!