Running for State Office



Deadlines extended! See below for more information!

Running for State Office is both fun and rewarding. The chance to serve Michigan FCCLA's members is an exciting opportunity and a big responsibility. Being elected as an officer is an honor… but serving entails a lot of commitment, hard work and dedication. Michigan FCCLA encourages potential candidates to talk to their parents, chapter advisor, employer, guidance counselor and principal to discuss the responsibilities involved in holding a state office.


Rewards of being a Michigan FCCLA State Officer include:

  • Personal satisfaction and growth
  • Development of life-long leadership skills
  • Travel to exciting places, and meeting new people
  • Plan the Michigan FCCLA Fall and State Leadership Conferences
  • Visit schools to represent Michigan FCCLA
  • Recognition for your chapter and community


The qualifications to run for a State Office:

  • Active and current member in your chapter

  • Have taken a minimum of one semester in a Family & Consumer Sciences, Early Childhood, Teacher Cadet, Fashion Design or Interior Design class.

  • Completed at least one module in Power of One

  • Be in 9th, 10th or 11th grade when you run for office

  • Minimum grade point average of 2.7 (on a 4.0 scale)

  • Recommendation by your chapter

  • Each chapter can nominate a maximum of 2 candidates for state office


What kind of training will I receive?

  • There will be several meetings and rehearsals at the 2018 State Leadership Conference
  • In May 2018, you will attend a three day training camp for State Officers, along with incoming officers from Michigan DECA and SkillsUSA Michigan.
  • If you attend the 2018 National Leadership Conference (attendance optional), you will be scheduled for several officer training workshops. Please note, due to the training workshops and commitments required of you as a State Officer, you will not have much time to spend with your chapter at the conference.
  • Additional training will be available during State Officer meetings throughout your term of office.


What do I need to do?

  • Complete and submit the 2019-2020 State Officer Candidate Application to Michigan FCCLA before the extended deadline of April 11, 2019.
  • Create a video, 1-2 minutes long, with a speech of your reason you want to become a Michigan FCCLA State Officer. Email it to the office before April 11, 2019.


What happens next?

Actual positions will be announced and decided in May at the State Officer Training Camp. Your offical state officer photos will be taken during the CTSO training camp.



If you have any questions about being a State Officer, your best resource is to contact a current State Officer. You can also contact the Michigan FCCLA State Coordinator, Mrs. Rodrigues.