FCCLA Members are a step ahead of the competition when it comes to scholarships. Through their involvement with FCCLA, the Ultimate Leadership Experience, members develop skills and experiences that scholarship funders are looking for - not just for FCCLA scholarships either! The scholarships listed below are open to FCCLA members, and several colleges and universities also offer FCCLA scholarships. so be sure to check that out.


In addition to the scholarships listed here, National FCCLA has a list of available scholarships and awards posted on their website.


MIFCS Scholarship



More information will be posted in the late fall.




Check the National FCCLA website for more scholarships!


Other Scholarships

FCCLA members are encouraged to apply for other scholarships as well. The opportunities that our members have had through their involvement with programs, community service, leadership, STAR Events, and career development set them a cut above the rest of the applicants - even on scholarships that aren't FCCLA specific.